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Exclusive, curative selections of NFTs.


Blockchain ( DLT ) NFTs, address concerns such as provenance, authenticity, transparency, copyright, and art fraud and the art auction market could benefit from a permanent database of art information built using blockchain technology.

Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

From Wikimedia Commons 

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The future of Art auction + gallery.

Art galleries will remain desirable locations to visit regardless of how much of our world is computerized. Even in this area, through, ARTONIZE platforms DLT  (blockchain ) technology solutions, we are working to managed to inject some innovation.

The Advantages of Blockchain in Art Auctions with ARTONIZE

What is coming in the future ?

Buy/sell on the move!

Asset tokenization increases liquidity.

In the world of fine art auctions, tokenization of NFTs ( F – NFTs,  with proper legal regulations in the future  ) increased the liquidity of the assets. Shorter lock-up periods due to investors being able to sell their tokens easily in a liquid market. Investors no longer have to wait for years to take profits or losses.

With blockchain art, you may create a DAO (Data Access Object) that is fully ownerless and relies on smart contracts to facilitate art transactions; provides liquidity, accessibility, and automated audit governance. 

Artonize for artists

Vincent van Gogh – Self-Portrait

From Wikimedia Commons 

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Artonize for musician

Artonize for designers

The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck

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Auction marketplace curated by art critics + enthusiasts

Curate Auction gallery with

ARTO tokens

Receive ARTO coins as POS validators.

Quality over quantity, always.

What is coming ?

For NFTs the true potential is yet to come.  Big industry players in art, design, or fashion will buy into it sooner or later, ushering in more mainstream auction houses with greater power to bringing in big money; Beeple piece the one that went for $69.3 million.


How we go about it ?

Our solutions partner’s with auction houses, creative art critics, fashion & music professionals, collectors, and any creative art enthusiasts to curated an exclusives collection of art NFTs for a new audience.

Why we do so ?

Allowing automated audit, uniqueness, scarcity through NFTs, and ARTONIZE GUARDIAN NODE helping in quality over quantity, always command a premium price, while increasing liquidity in secondary sale markets through crypto tokenomics trading.

Into the future


A Friend in need, earns.

creators and backers all earn.

Decentralized peer-to-peer artist/ musician / designers investment platform.

Investors + backers earn rewards as Artonize PxFuel, receives a block of pre-sale tokens in SAFT, or “simple agreement for future tokens.”, for-profits in the future sale of creators NFTs. A new native blockchain. Powered by users who back creators.

Bank artist with

PxFuel tokens

Earn Pxfuel tokens as SAFT .

Initiative ARTO-starters

Video from pexels.com

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Initiative ARTO-starters partnerships

A marriage of Fashion + Beauty Salon + Cafe culture, which embraces an uber-cool restaurant cafe environment.

Style & Cafe

Creating an environment for art and culture to interact is the foundation purpose of the birth of this concept. Not only is harnessed an atmosphere for cultural renaissance but only provides business opportunities for our partners, who now have a larger stream of inflow to revenue.

What is coming in the future ?


Human psychology is the most effective instrument ever devised by mankind. It has been and can be both an adverse disaster or a favorable miracle. One of the finest things that can happen is if we can use this NFT — the only programmable asset — properly by applying a positive social impact layer on top of the pride of ownership.


Tech-enabled fractional property ownership platform, powered by the beauty of NFT and bifocal economy around it, and connecting global online communities to physical local communities and opportunities.


PBCB – ( Pandamica Buyer Club & Brands ) is a panda theme, exclusive, a limited collection of 10,000 + 1 NFTs artworks by Arcade Labs.


We believe in an eco-system ideology wherein  a flock of birds flying together complements each other growth.


That ideology reflects in your unique whitepaper, which has to be seen, listened to, and observed while procrastinating an interlinked working future.  

We are looking to collaborate with like-minded people & open to investment partnerships.


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Exclusive, curative selections of NFTs for collectors & investors.

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